About Us

FLAXXUP Petroleum Pvt. Ltd is a promising company maintaining the highest standard of the industry catering to the markets, where  technology is designed to meet the modern needs. , speaks the profile of the company with a difference .

The continuous activity at   is  certainly felt from the string of its pioneering products. The team of highly professional technicians having vast experience in lubricants provides FLAXXUP flexibility to develop high quality products to suit individual needs. The products are specially designed to meet the requirements of Indian  roads & climate.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification by the BSCIC-NABCB QM030 only exemplifies  FLAXXUP‘s commitment to consistency &  Quality Management Systems.

Board of Director :

1. Mr. Ajaya Gochhayat
2. Mr. Hari Ratan Chandak
3. Mr. Liladhar Jhanwar